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Amude, Syria– A young man murdered his sister in Syria’s northeastern city of Amude on Sunday, under the pretext of “cleansing family honour”. 

Five years ago, the victim eloped with her lover and married him against the will of her family. 

According to a member of the family of the murdered woman, the brother committed the crime “by a personal decision”, without knowledge of other family members.

“Although the dispute over the victim’s marriage was resolved between her family and that of her husband years ago, her brother insisted to commit the crime,” the victim’s relative told ARA News

“The security forces of the Assayish in Amude city are looking for the perpetrator to bring him to justice,” he said. 

Speaking to ARA News, Zaynab Khoja, chief of the Kurdish Women Association of Gulshina, said: “We denounce the uncivilized act of murder carried out by the brother who didn’t have the right to object her (the victim) freedom to choose her life partner.” 

S. Suleiman, a resident of Amude, considered the crime an offence to the entire Kurdish society.

“This coward act of murder moved the Kurdish public opinion,” he told ARA news. “These alleged honour crimes have to come to an end in our society.” 

M. Othman, a civil activist based in Amude city, emphasized that the Assayish forces should deal with this murder case cautiously to avoid raising the ire of the society.

“Women and human rights organizations should work to raise awareness among the society and create a public opinion which respects women’s right of choosing their life partners,” Othman told ARA News.  

Noteworthy, the phenomenon of elopement in the Kurdish society is widespread since ages, and the dispute between the families is often settled after a civil marriage registration and rarely lead to murder. 


Reporting by: Peshwa Mohammed

Source: ARA News


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