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Amude-Qamishli, Syria– Hundreds of Kurds took to the street on Monday in several areas in northeastern Syria to express their anger about the recent attacks of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) against Kurdish villages near Kobane and Tel Abyad −which resulted in the displacement of dozens of families.

Supporters of the Kurdish National Council (KNC), Kurdish Youth Movement (TCK) and People’s Council of Western Kurdistan organized demonstrations in several predominantly Kurdish cities, including Amude and Tirbespiye, to condemn the “suppressive practices” of the al-Qaeda splinter group of ISIL against a number of Kurdish villages in northern Syria last week.

The demonstrators also raised banners expressing their condemnation to the silence of the Syrian opposition concerning ISIL’s attacks against the Kurdish areas. 

The demonstrators blamed the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) −opposition’s main body− for its reluctance to take serious stance towards the practices of ISIL members against Kurdish civilians in Syria. 

Adham Pasho, a leading member in the Kurdish Azadi Party, told ARA News: “The Syrian opposition groups including the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) have taken a disappointing position concerning the incidents in the Kurdish areas and which requires the Kurdish National Council (member of the SNC) to review its position towards the opposition forces,”

Pasho commented on the domination of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) over Syria’s northern areas, saying: “The PYD should allow other Kurdish political forces to participate in the critical decisions for the benefit of the Kurdish people, because any one-sided decisions (by the PYD) don’t serve the interests of Syria’s Kurds.” 

The demonstrators called for a Kurdish unity in the face of the attacks which “target the Kurdish existence”.

Speaking to ARA News, the member of the Kurdish Youth Movement (TCK) Hani Nebi emphasized the importance of solidarity among the different Kurdish political forces “in the face of the ISIL’s attacks”.

“A Kurdish unity is crucial in this phase, as we are facing double-sided persecution from the regime and radical Islamist groups such as ISIL,” Nebi said. 


Reporting by: Peshwa Mohammed, Sarbaz Sino and Judi Aziz

Source: ARA News


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