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Qamishli, Syria– The General Command of the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) announced on Friday the killing of 56 members of the Qaeda splinter group of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the death of 4 YPG members during last week’s clashes between both sides in Jazaa area in the countryside of Hasaka city in northeastern Syria. 

The statement released by the General Command of the YPG forces said that ISIL fighters attacked on Wednesday evening the town of Jazaa “with the goal of taking control over the town to move then to the nearby cities of Tel Kocher and Rumailan”, and that the ISIL attacks “targeted 10 areas by use of heavy weapons” after the ISIL fighters took several villages near Jazaa town as starting points for “their aggressive operations”.

“With the help of the Assayish security forces of Jazaa town, YPG (Popular Protection Units) and YPJ forces (Women Protection Units) repelled the ISIL attack and drove its fighters out of Jazaa town at the first night of their attacks (Wednesday). On the second day, the YPG forces stormed the ISIL headquarters in al-Bakara village and forced the ISIL fighters to escape leaving weapons and dead bodies of their fellow fighters behind,” the YPG General Command said. 

“On Friday, the YPG fighters carried out an operation against the ISIL headquarters in Tel Sihila village and drove the ISIL fighters out of the area after fierce clashes, to start afterwards an extended armed campaign towards the villages of Zarqa 1, Zarqa 2, Zarqa 3, al-Qadisiya and Arja,” the statement added.

The statement also referred to the death of four YPG fighters and the killing of 56 members of ISIL, while “18 dead bodies of the 56 killed ISIL fighters” fell in the hands of the YPG forces.

“Moreover, the YPG forces took over weapons which the ISIL fighters left behind, including 22 Kalashnikov rifles, 3 machine guns, RPG launchers, 70 hand grenades, two guns and 2 four-wheel-drive vehicles, in addition to ammunitions. 

The YPG General Command condemned the ISIL-led suicide bombing which targeted Tirpesipiye city on the 26th of this March, describing it as “a zero-hour attack before starting their evil plans to take over Tel Kocher and Rumailan cities and other Kurdish areas in Hasaka province”. 

The statement raised several questions among local activists about the importance of having control over Jazaa town that both ISIL and YPG fight over.

Mohammed Khayr Banko, representative of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) at the political body of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), told ARA News: “The KNC respects the Agreement of Erbil (signed by the KNC and People’s Council of Western Kurdistan), and if the agreement is to be honestly implemented we would truly be able to unite and protect our areas.” 

“Unfortunately. the forces representing the People’s Council of Western Kurdistan (mainly led by the democratic Union Party PYD) are apparently not serious in implementing the agreement. However, it became necessary under these conditions that they review their policies and return to work together with other Kurdish forces,” Banko said 

Noteworthy, the surroundings of Kobane city have seen clashes between ISIL and YPG forces and which led the latted to call on other Kurdish forces in Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan to contribute in defending Kobane city. The KNC decided to hold a meeting with the People’s Council of Western Kurdistan to discuss ways to support Kobane and other Kurdish areas against ISIL attacks. 


Reporting by: Judi Aziz

Source: ARA News


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