ISIS-held Jordanian pilot makes first appearance

Jordanian pilot Muaz Kasasbeh in the hands of ISIS. Photo: Dabiq

ARA News

Istanbul, Turkey – The Islamic State’s official magazine Dabiq published an interview with the recently captured Jordanian pilot, Muaz Kasasbeh –whose fighter jet was shot down by IS militants last Wednesday near the Syrian northeastern city of Raqqa. 

The pro-IS Dabiq magazine also published images showing the pilot after his arrest.

The Jordanian pilot explained the way his warplane was hit by a thermal missile and the circumstances of his arrest by the group’s fighters in Raqqa. 

“Kasasbeh said during the interview that the squadron, of which his plane was part, included UAE, Moroccan and Jordanian planes,” pro-IS activists reported, adding that after entering into Raqqa’s airspace, it was hit by a thermal rocket, after which he jumped and was captured by IS militants. 

“What do you think the Islamic State will do to you?” he was asked by the magazine. “They will kill me,” he answered. 

Noteworthy, the Jordanian warplane, operating within the U.S.-led international coalition to eliminate the IS radical group, was shot down and this is the first incident of its kind since the start of strikes against the group in Syria and Iraq, began on September 23, 2014. 

In the meantime, Jordanian political sources confirmed that their government has formed several operation chambers at the highest level of leadership to discuss possible ways of getting the pilot Kasasbeh released.

Jordanian diplomats in the neighboring countries are reportedly exerting efforts to hold indirect talks with the hard-line group to work on saving the pilot’s life. 


Reporting by: Mohammed Nasser

Source: ARA News

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