Moscow invites several Syrian opposition figures to join peace talks

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (L). File photo

ARA News

Hasakah, Syria – Russia sent out invitations to a number of Syrian opposition figures to attend the scheduled conference in the Russian capital in January 2015, sources from the Syrian opposition said on Tuesday.

According to the sources, the invitees to the upcoming peace talks in Moscow are Badr Jamus, Moaz al-Khatib, Ayman Asfari, Randa Kassis, Abdul Ahad Stifo, Fateh Jamus, Abdel Basset Sieda, Nawaf al-Melhem as well as two representatives of Arab tribes.

Other opposition figures from various factions expected to attend Moscow talks with the Syrian regime are Samir Aita, Saleh Muslim, Mays Kreidi, Majd Niazi, Salah Darwish, Hadi Bahra, Suheir Sarmini, Mazen Maghribiya, Aref Dalila, Hassan Abdel Azim, Mona Ghanem, Haytham Manna, Qadri Jamil, Walid al-Bunni, Salim Kheir Beik, Meyya Rahbi and Mohammed Fares. 

These Syrian opposition figures were invited individually, not on the basis of their political affiliation, but the list was free of representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to the sources.

“Additionally, two representatives of the Kurdish component were invited.”

Speaking to ARA News on the phone, Mohamed Khair Banko, representative of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) in the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) said that Russia sent personal invitations to many opponents, including Salah Darwish, who was invited personally, neither representing the Kurdish bloc in the SNC nor the Democratic Progressive Kurdish Party in Syria.

“The coalition has not taken a final decision concerning the Moscow conference,” Banko said.

Banko pointed out that Qadri Jamil (an opposition figure known for links with Assad regime) played a primary role to encourage this conference.

Banko did not confirm whether representatives of the Syrian regime will attend Moscow talks to meet with the opposition directly. 

Noteworthy, the political body of the SNC decided to form a special committee to continue contacts with the rest of the Syrian opposition factions to reach a common concensus for a possible political solution in the war-torn country.


Reporting by: Jiwan Ibrahim and Dilshad Mohamed

Source: ARA News

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