Nine mass graves found in Yezidi area after ISIS withdrawal: KRG

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – The Director of the Yezidi Affairs in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) revealed Tuesday that the Peshmerga forces found nine mass graves of Kurdish Yezidi civilians in the Shingal area in the Iraqi province of Nineveh.

Shingal was under the control of the extremists of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) until August, until the Kurdish forces of the Peshmerga were able to regain towns and villages in the Yezidi-majority area last week. 

Khairy Bozani, director of the Yezidi Affairs in the Ministry of Awqaf in Iraqi Kurdistan, told reporters in Erbil that since the Peshmerga liberated several areas in Shingal, “they have so far found nine mass graves”.

“But there are other areas still held by the terrorists (in reference to the Islamic State militants).”

“The Peshmergas were asked not to permit anyone to open the graves until the arrival of specialized forensic teams to the region, in order to take pictures to be used as compelling documentary evidence in international forums on the crimes committed by the IS terrorists against the Yezidi Kurds in Shingal,” Bozani said.

He explained that the KRG formed a special committee to follow up on the issue. 

Speaking to ARA News in Qamishli, human rights activist Rudi Ali said that IS radicals have committed many crimes against the Kurdish Yezidis, during their control of Shingal, which are classified according to the United Nations Charter as crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Noteworthy, the Peshmerga forces in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq regained control of Mount Sinjar after fierce clashes with militants of the Islamic State, amid continued fighting between the two sides within the city of Shingal.


Reporting by: Dilshad Muhammad

Source: ARA News

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