Kurdish fighters repel ISIS-led attack north Syria

A Kurdish fighter from the YPG takes position, directs his rifle towards a suspected location of ISIS militants south of Sere Kaniye, northeastern Syria. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Sere Kaniye, Syria – On Sunday evening, the Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) were able to repel a suicide attack planned by militant fighters of the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) in the village of Tel Khanzir (25 km west of Sere Kaniye “Ras al-Ain”) in the province of Hasakah, in northeastern Syria.

Speaking to ARA News on the phone, Orhan Bakok, member of the YPG’s Media Centre in Sere Kaniye, said that the YPG fighters were able to repel an IS-led car bomb, adding that the car was heading to one of the YPG’s strongholds in the fighting front of the village of Tel Khanzir.

“Our units (YPG) targeted the IS-led car bomb before reaching its target,” he added.

It was not clear how many bombs were in the car.

“A large explosion took place indicating that the car was loaded with a large amount of explosive materials,” Bakok said. 

Over the past week, the southern and western fronts of Sere Kaniye witnessed sporadic clashes between the Kurdish forces and the IS hardline group following repeated attacks carried out by the group on the village of Tel Khanzir, as well as on the farms in the village of al-Manajir, south of the city of Sere Kaniye.

Notably, Islamist sources reported that IS militants have entered the strategic village of Tel Khanzir, but the Kurdish forces denied the news and released footages online from inside the embattled village proving the opposite. 


Reporting by: Haitham Haji

Source: ARA News

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