Syria… four years of war

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Suruc, Turkey – The four-year-old crisis in Syria has left the war-torn country with a mass destruction of entire cities, an exhausted economy, a devastated infrastructure and an unprecedented demographic change–not to mention increasing death tolls.

A group of international organizations, including The Norwegian Refugee Council, The Syrian Center for Political Studies, The Institute for War Studies, OCHA, and UNHCR have released a joint report showing the size of the change that took place in several areas of Syria after four years of war.


The study indicates that Syria’s population decreased 15% in 2015 after the 2011 anti-Assad uprising, dropping to less than 20 million people with declining average age of the Syrians at a rate of 20 years, to become 55.7 years, while the limit was 75.9 in 2011.

Also, 3.9 million from the Syrian people have become refugees outside Syria, while 6.5 million are internally displaced (IDPs).


The study stated that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) declined at a rate of 120 billion dollars during the past four years.

The report added that approximately four out of five Syrian citizens live below the national poverty line.


The biggest impact of the crisis appears in the field of education, as the report pointed out that half of Syrian children did not attend school during the past three years.

A significant reduction in aid, which was provided to the Syrians in the last two years, was recorded.

Death toll

The study revealed that 210,060 people were killed during the past four years in Syria, including 109,087 fighters divided between 45,385 fighters of the regular army, and 24,989 fighters of the opposition forces. Almost 100,973 civilians were killed during the four years of war, including 10,664 children and 6,783 women.

The report included a map showing the distribution of areas held by the conflicting forces on ​​the Syrian territory between the Syrian regime, the armed opposition, the Kurdish forces and the radical group of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS). 


Reporting by: Mohammed Ali

Source: ARA News

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