U.S. open to negotiations with Syria’s Assad

U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry. File photo

ARA News

Geneva – The U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, said Sunday that he’s open to negotiations with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for the sake of bringing about a political solution to the four-year crisis in Syria.

“We have to negotiate in the end,” Kerry said in an interview with CBS. 

The United States officials have repeatedly said that the Syrian President has lost legitimacy and must step down. The Obama administration has emphasized on several occasions that the Syrian regime is killing civilians, blaming Assad for the increhasing death tolls in the war-torn country.

However, the rise of the Islamic State radical group (IS/ISIL) has apparently caused confusion within  American leadership.

According to Syrian opposition activists, the airstrikes of the U.S.-led international coalition against the IS in Syria is “indirectly” helping Assad to stay in power.  

“The United States and other countries are exploring ways to increase pressure on the Syrian regime to bring Assad to the negotiating table,” Kerry said.

“Everybody agrees there is no military solution; there’s only a political solution,” he added. “But to get the Assad regime to negotiate, we’re going to have to make it clear to him that there is a determination by everybody to seek that political outcome and change his calculation about negotiating. That’s underway right now.”


Reporting by: Lorin Silo 

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