15 ISIS militants killed in clashes with Kurds near Kobane

A Kurdish fighter from the YPG observing an ISIS-held checkpoint near Kobane. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Kobane, Syria – After battling with militants of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) who’d infiltrated to the western countryside of Kobane through boats across the Euphrates River, the joint forces (YPG, FSA, Peshmerga) regained Saturday control of the village of Zargotk and parts of the village of Tel Ahmar west of Kobane in the province of Aleppo, northern Syria.

Kurdish military sources reported that fifteen IS militants were killed in Saturday’s clashes, while eight fighters from the joint forces lost their lives.

Speaking to ARA News, spokesman of Burkan al-Furat’s rebels (an FSA faction supporting the Kurdish forces) said that the military operations ended in the western fighting front, “and two villages were accordingly liberated”. 

“More than fifteen IS militants were killed in the recent battles of the western front,” the source added.

On the other hand, IS insurgents killed Friday two Kurdish youngsters in the southwestern countryside of Kobane on charges of links to the Kurdish forces.

Speaking to ARA News, Sarhad Abbas, a YPG fighter, said that on Friday night several IS terrorists infiltrated into the village of Jalka and killed two Kurdish minors, Khabat Haji Jundi, 16, and Abdo Osman, 12.

The two victims, who were originally from the village of Bashk, were executed by IS militants.

During the past two days, the western countryside of Kobane saw continuous clashes between the joint forces and the IS group. 


Reporting by: Jan Nasro

Source: ARA News

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