Thirty-five ISIS militants killed by Kurdish forces in Northeastern Syria

Kurdish and Assyrian fighters gathered in front of Assyrian church in the countryside of Tel Temir, northeastern Syria. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – The Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) announced Friday that four of its fighters lost their lives and about 35 militants of the Islamic State group were killed during clashes in several areas of Hasakah province, in Northeastern Syria.

The Media Center of the YPG issued a statement on Friday, of which ARA News received a copy, saying that clashes continued “between our units (YPG) and IS terrorists on the western and southern border of the province (Hasakah), where they (IS) attacked on Wednesday the village of Tel Hafyan near the town of Tel Temir.”

“This led to continuous fierce clashes; however, our fighters were able to deter the terrorist attack, in which twenty-five IS insurgents were killed,” the statement read.

“During those clashes, four of our comrades who had a significant role in the failure of the terrorist attacks, have joined the convoy of martyrs,” the YPG’s Media Center added.

The YPG leadership pointed out that the village of Tel Khanzir (25 km in western Sere Kaniye “Ras al-Ain”) was also attacked by the radical group; “however, our units were able to kill four terrorists and injure three others.”

“Our units received intelligence information saying that a group of IS terrorists, who are stationed in the village of Ghazila, south of the town of Tel Hamis, are preparing to attack our units, but our fighters initiated attacks on their locations and were able to kill six terrorists,” the MC’s statement added.

In the meantime, a member of the YPG told ARA News that the joint forces defending the town of Tel Temir (50 km west of Hasakah) carried out an operation against the strongholds of Islamic State’s extremists in the villages of Ghibish, Tel Nasri, and Tel Shamiram, adding that the U.S.-led international coalition’s warplanes had not struck any IS locations in the countryside Tel Temir since Wednesday.

Noteworthy, the battles between the joint forces and the Islamic State group are still ongoing in the countryside of the town of Tel Temir and the city of Sere Kaniye in addition to other fighting fronts in the vicinity of the towns of Tel Hamis and Tel Barak in Hasakah province.


Reporting by: Dilshad Ahmed 

Source: ARA News

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