Islamic State recruits Syrian youth

ISIS was able to recruit dozens of Arab youngsters in Syria's Tel Abyad. File photo

ARA News

Diyarbakir, Turkey – The radical group of the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) recruited dozens of Arab youngsters in the Syrian border city of Tel Abyad earlier this week.

A local source in Tel Abyad told ARA News that the militant group was able to attract a group of youngsters in Tel Abyad to join its military camps in Raqqa and Iraqi Anbar.  

“The city of Tel Abyad (Gire Spi) saw an unprecedented wave of recruitments among Arab youngsters who were convinced of the group’s Islamic mission to fight against the so-called infidels,” the source said on the condition of anonymity.

The Islamic State launched a conscription campaign in Tel Abyad an its surrounding countryside. The group was able to recruit dozens of young men in the villages of Jalaba, Gatrana, Dik Sharqi, Sukariya, Durubiya, Ain al-Aroos, Sakhrat, Cora Mazat to and Ali Bajiliya.

Among the new recruits of the radical group are members of some renowned Arab tribes in Tel Abyad area, of them several were identified as Faisal Ali Awas, Rami al-Assaf and Ahmed Sarhan.

“Amid this news, people of the city fled their areas to the Turkish border in an attempt to escape the IS-led conscription campaign which entails joining jihad against the infidels in Syria and Iraq,” the source added.

This situation prompted jihadists to close the Salib crossing at the Turkish border to prevent the influx of residents fleeing to Turkey. 

In the meantime, the IS militants reportedly executed 20 members of the Arab tribes in the region, on charges of withdrawal from battles against the Kurdish forces in the countryside of Kobane, particularly in the village of Jalabiya where Kurds were able to regain control after forcing IS to withdraw. 


Reporting by: Jiwan Saman

Source: ARA News

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