Suicide attack targets Syrian regime’s official in Damascus

ARA News

Damascus, Syria – On Monday, a twin bomb attack hit the district of Rukn al-Din in the capital Damascus, targeting a senior officer in the Syrian regime’s army, causing panic among security forces that closed the entrances and exits of the neighborhood.

Media activist Zain al-Dimashqi told ARA News in Damascus that the two bomb attacks in Rukn al-Din targeted the head of Logistics and Supply Branch in the Syrian regime’s army, Major General Mohammed Eid.

“At least one person was killed, and five others were injured as a result of attacks,” the source added.

Local sources said that one of the bodyguards of General Mohammed Eid was killed in the attack and two others were reportedly injured, including Eid himself –who was accordingly transferred to Tishreen Military Hospital in Damascus.

In the meantime, a military source in the Syrian regime’s army denied the injury of M. G. Eid, pointing out that the five perpetrators of the terrorist attack were killed or arrested after they clashed with the security forces stationed at the Shamdin checkpoint in Rukn al-Din neighborhood.

The capital Damascus has been experiencing intensified security measures since the start of the Syrian crisis, where five military divisions along with the security forces took positions inside and in the vicinity of the city. However, the Syrian capital occasionally experiences security breaches carried out by factions of the armed opposition, the last of which took place in the neighborhood of al-Midan last December.


Reporting by: Mohammed Darwish

Source: ARA News

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