Kurds make new gains against ISIS in Hasakah

Kurdish fighters of the YPG securing Aziziyah district in Hasakah. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Hasakah, Syria – Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) made new gains in the fight against militants of Islamic State (IS/ISIS) in southern Hasakah, northeastern Syria, military sources reported on Saturday.

The YPG’s leadership in Hasakah told ARA News that the Kurdish units seized the Filaha and Talaa villages southeast of Hasakah. 

“Our (YPG) forces also attacked IS terrorists in the vicinity of Aziziyah neighborhood east Hasakah,” a YPG commander said.  

According to the Kurdish source, four IS militants were killed during Saturday’s clashes in Hasakah. 

Speaking to ARA News in Hasakah, field activist Raman Hassan reported that clashes erupted in the eastern areas of the city between the YPG forces and IS militants.

“The clashes continued until Saturday evening,” he said. “Ongoing clashes are taking place in the vicinity of the Villat Homr district.”

“IS militants are currently hiding in the evacuated residential buildings in south and east of the city.” 

This coincided with airstrikes by the regime forces on IS locations in Hasakah city.

Hassan added that the pro-Syrian regime warplanes and artillery of Mount Kawkab (7 km east of Hasakah) continue pounding the IS-held neighborhoods of Nashwa Gharbiya, Youth Housing and Hosh al-Baar.

A source close to the Syrian army told ARA News (on the condition of anonymity) that after pro-regime forces seized the power company of Nashwa neighborhood, fierce clashes erupted at the eastern entrance of Sharia roundabout in Nashwa Gharbiya.

ARA News could not verify the numbers of casualties among the conflicting parties.

Over the past few days, several displaced families returned home following IS decline in major areas of Hasakah city. The pro-Assad forces hit IS locations in the southern districts of the city, while the Kurdish forces advance in the areas surrounding the IS-held neighborhoods.


Reporting by: Zozan Shekho  

Source: ARA News

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  1. John
    July 19, 2015 at 2:00 am

    Turks don’t join the fight with ISIS because Turks back ISIS over NATO. Kurds are American allies in Syria yet Americans do not support the Kurds. The USA needs a change of government.

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