Kurds regain major town south Kobane, ISIS shifts to suicide bombings

A Kurdish fighter flying a pigeon in the city of Tel AByad after liberating it from ISIS. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Tel Abyad, Syria – Kurdish fighters of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and allied rebels of Burkan al-Furat reported new gains south Kobane (Ain al-Arab) in northern Syria, military sources reported on Sunday.

Speaking to ARA News in Kobane, YPG fighter Haboun Osman said that the joint forces regained control of Sirrin town and the nearby villages of Maghribtain, Qasaq Qibli and Maliha following clashes with militants of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS). 

“These gains mean that the danger of the terrorists of Daesh (IS) has been eliminated in southern Kobane. The fight will move to the western countryside of Kobane in the coming days,” he said.

YPG sources reported that the U.S.-led coalition’s warplanes stepped-up raids on IS positions in southern Kobane in the past few days, which facilitated the movement of the Kurdish forces and enabled them to impose their control over the entire southern countryside. 

Osman pointed out that IS still holds large numbers of civilians who have been kidnapped from Sirrin town in southern Kobane.

“The terrorist group is trying to use the abductee civilians as human shields during battles. We are aware of this barbaric strategy by the group, and we’re trying to be accurate during our operations,” the YPG fighter told ARA News. 

In the meantime, IS militants carried out two suicide attacks against Kurdish security checkpoints in the city of Tel Abyad (Gire Spi) in Raqqa province.

“Our (YPG) forces were able to bomb two car bombs before reaching our checkpoints,” a YPG source told ARA News in Tel Abyad.

“Both IS-led vehicles were apparently loaded with explosive devices. Our fighters were able to bomb them before reaching their target in Ain al-Arous district near the south-western entrance of Tel Abyad city.” 

IS militants have been increasingly relying on suicide bombings against the Kurdish forces following the extremist group’s consecutive losses in Kobane, Tel Abyad and Hasakah.

Reporting by: Jan Nasro, Redwan Bizar

Source: ARA News

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