Obama: migrant crisis has worsened, requires cooperation

U.S. President Barack Obama. File photo

U.S. President Barack Obama said on Tuesday the migrant crisis had worsened and required cooperation from European nations and the United States to address.

Obama made his remarks during a meeting with Spain’s King Felipe VI. The president said he hoped to visit Spain before the end of his term in office.

The president said Spain had worked hard in the past to deal with the North African migrants engaged in dangerous travel and human trafficking.

“Obviously, that’s gotten worse over the last several months and we agreed that this is going to require cooperation with all the European countries and the United States and the international community,” he said.

“And we discussed how we can continue to strengthen that cooperation. And I discussed the fact that the United States feels it is important for us to also take our share of Syrian refugees as part of this overall humanitarian effort.”

Obama also weighed in on a movement for Catalan independence from Spain.

“As a matter of foreign policy, we are deeply committed to maintaining a relationship with a strong and unified Spain,” he said, adding Spain’s presence was important in Europe and to the United States.

The president said he hoped to visit the country before his term in office concludes in January 2017.

“The Spanish people have hosted my family. I hope that I can travel to Spain before the end of my presidency,” he said.

The king said Spain would welcome Obama, whether he came before or after his White House tenure.


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