Kurdish forces arrest ISIS sleeper cell in Syria’s Derik

Members of the Kurdish security forces of Asayish are seen in Syria's Qamishli. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

DERIK – Kurdish security forces of the Asayish arrested on Wednesday a group of gunmen linked to the Islamic State (ISIS) radical group in the city of Derik (Malikiyah) in Syria’s northeastern Hasakah province. 

Five pro-ISIS gunmen were arrested in a security raid by the Asayish in the Suwediya sub-district of Derik.

“Our forces have arrested all members of the pro-ISIS sleeper cell in Suwediya on Wednesday evening,” the Asayish leadership said in a statement.

It added that explosive devices and ammunition were found in the building that was raided by the Kurdish security.

“The suspects have been preparing to launch terror attacks on Kurdish headquarters in the area,” the Asayish said, adding: “The initial interrogations confirmed their affiliation with ISIS terrorist group.” 

Reporting by: Serbaz Yousef

Source: ARA News

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