Over 100 ISIS jihadis killed as Iraqi forces advance near Fallujah

Iraqi army forces capture ISIS suspect in Anbar. File photo

ARA News

DUHOK ــ Backed by the US-led coalition, Iraqi joint forces were able to destroy more than ten tunnels for the radical group of Islamic State (ISIS) in the southern suburbs of Fallujah city in the province of Anbar, killing around 100 jihadis, the Anbar Operations Command of the Iraqi army said Wednesday in an official statement. 

The Iraqi helicopters have destroyed eight ISIS-led car bombs south of Falluja, according to the statement.

Military sources confirmed that the amy troops were able to kill scores of ISIS militants in the vicinity of Fallujah, taking over strategic areas near the ISIS-held city.

“The joint forces [army police and tribal groups] were able to recapture the highway connecting Fallujah with Amriyah and Ramadi, and the districts of Albu Saiyf and Fahilat,” Iraqi commander J.L. told ARA News, speaking on the condition of anonymity. 

On the other hand, sporadic clashes erupted between the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and ISIS militants in the areas near the group-held city of Tal Afar, and in the Telskuf district–which was recaptured by the Peshmerga earlier on Tuesday. 

Speaking to ARA News, the Kurdish Commander Lt. Izzedin Wanki said: “The Peshmerga forces have launched a major campaign to clear the region from ISIS terrorists, especially after they took over strategic areas on Tuesday.”

On Sunday, the Kurdish Peshmerga forces began a major military operation against ISIS and were able to liberate the key village of al-Bashir south of Kirkuk, in northern Iraq, according to local sources.

“We [Peshmergas] clashed with ISIS terrorists in several fighting positions, while the latter responded by shelling the Kurdish headquarters with mortar shells,” Lt. Wanki told ARA News.

On Tuesday, Kurdish military sources said that the Peshmerga forces were able to deter an ISIS attack, pointing out that the jihadis carried out several car bomb attacks on the Peshmerga positions in the areas of Telskuf, Ba’shiqah, Khazar and Kweir. 

ISIS aims to raise the morale of its militants and supporters after being exposed to heavy losses over the past few months, according to observers.

The radical group has been trying to carry out surprise attacks against the Peshmerga, but the latter was able to deter assailants with the support of the US-led coalition forces.

Reporting by: Ali Issa

Source: ARA News

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