Kurds fighting Iranian regime to regain rights, leader says

Dara Natiq, spokesman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Iran (KDP-I). Photo: ARA News

ARA News 

URMIA – Dara Natiq, spokesman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party – Iran (KDP-I) said in an exclusive interview with ARA News that Kurdish rebels and activists in Iran and struggling to regain the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people.

“The general situation in Easterm Kurdistan (Kurdistan region of Iran) hasn’t change much over decades. The suppression practiced by the Islamic government of Iran against the Kurdish people has been going on for decades, arbitrary arrests and executions against young Kurds for baseless reasons have not stopped,” Natiq said.

“Recently clashes resumed between the Kurdish Peshmerga and the tyrannical regime of Iran in Rabad town near Sardasht city in Urmia province,” he told ARA News.

“Last Newroz the head of Kurdistan Democratic Party (in Iran) has emphasised in a speech that the Kurdish struggle will prevail to include all Kurdish regions, which means the Peshmerga army in Iraqi Kurdistan could even send troops to support their peers in Iranian Kurdistan to fight against the Islamist government as a self-defence against tyranny and suppression.”

Asked about possible reforms under the new Iranian government, Natiq said: “We believe that under this tyrannical regime in Iran there would be no real change. We want to overthrow this regime completely, to be replaced by a democratic government that represents the people and works for the achievements of the legitimate rights of all communities in Iran, including the Kurdish people, and to give an opportunity to every social component a right to participation in the decision-making process in this country.”

The Kurdish official believes that Kurds are struggling in Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran to resolve the Kurdish issue and liberate their historical lands.

“The Kurdish movement in the four parts of Kurdistan is now so active as never before, and the Kurdish revolution in the four parts of Kurdistan is spreading. This is a source of proudness for each and every Kurd, especially that the Kurdish issue is being discussed and mentioned on the regional and international levels like never before.”

Iran Publicly executes Kurdish rights activists

Authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran executed five Kurdish rights activists in the northwestern Urmia city, officials and local activists confirmed on Friday. The Kurdish rights activists Naji Kiwan, Ali Kurdian, Haidar Ramini, Nadir Muhamadi and Ruhman Rashidi were arrested on Wednesday on charges of “conspiring against the Islamic Republic of Iran”.  They were publicly hanged to death in central Urmia in front of hundreds of people, including their families who have been obliged by the Iranian authorities to witness the execution.

“The victims were human rights activists who used to document violations by Iranian security forces against civilians in the Kurdish city of Urmia,” spokesman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Iran Dara Natiq told ARA News. 

“By executing those activists, the Iranian government tries to prevent any reporting about its violations against human rights,” he said. 

The Kurdish official added that Iran is executing an average of seven civilians and activists every week. 

“Public executions have become a common scene in the main cities of Iran, mainly conducted on baseless charges,” Natiq told ARA News. “The Kurdish people have been for long suppressed and persecuted by the Iranian Islamic government. However, our activists will keep documenting those violations with a hope that the international community would ever take action and stop such barbaric acts by this tyrannical government.”

Interview by: Sozbin Cheleng 

Source: ARA News 

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