UK woman jailed for planning to join ISIS with kids

A British Muslim mother who was planning to move with her three children to ISIS-held territories in Syria has lost parental custody after her arrest last week, a UK newspaper reported.

The children – whose ages were not reported – are expected to live with relatives pending a decision by authorities over their long-term future, according to The Guardian.

Their Northern Ireland-born 34-year-old mother, Lorna Moore, was sentenced with a two and-a-half year jail term earlier this week for her planned attempts to take her children with her to an area of Syria controlled by ISIS back in August 2014.

Lawyers representing social services who are responsible for the children’s welfare said that the children would live with family members in the short term and that the mother would be able to stay in touch with them.

A decision is later expected to decide where they will live in the long term after social workers have assessed options.

Moore was found guilty of failing to tell authorities that her husband Sajid Aslam, 34, was about to leave for Syria to join ISIS.

However, she had told the court that by the time her husband left, they “were only together for the sake of the children” and that Aslam had even subscribed to a Muslim dating site, the Daily Mail reported in February.

Moore – who had converted to Islam before marrying Aslam – said that she had thrown her husband out of the house years earlier, but was forced to take him back when a Muslim cleric told her she would not get to paradise if she got a divorce.

The judge who imposed the jail term said she “knew perfectly well of [her] husband’s dedication to terrorism” and that she had told “lie after lie.” 


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