Syrian Democratic Forces repel ISIS attack near Hasakah

Kurdish fighters of the YPG at the top of Mount Abdelaziz in Hasakah province after expelling ISIS militants from the area, Wednesday, May 20, 2015. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

HASAKAH – Clashes erupted in Syria’s northeastern Hasakah Governorate after Islamic State (ISIS) militants tried to infiltrate into the headquarters of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). 

ISIS militants struck a SDF security checkpoint with a car bomb, near Shaddadi City. At least four SDF fighters were injured. Violent clashes followed as ISIS militants tried to penetrate local SDF defences.

“[ISIS] terrorists were trying to storm the SDF headquarters after carrying out a car bomb attack on one of our security checkpoints in Shaddadi suburb,” a SDF spokesman told ARA News. “However, our forces were able to repel the attack after heavy clashes on Sunday evening.”

 Fighting between the SDF and ISIS has spread through Shaddabi’s suburbs, reaching the villages of Tal Shaer, Fadghami, Kashkash and Ziyanat. 

According to informed sources, at least 12 ISIS militants were killed and five others were arrested. Three SDF fighters lost their lives and four others were injured.

In mid-February 2016, Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) and allied SDF fighters concluded a protracted campaign by liberating Shaddadi City in Hasakah province. 

ISIS militants evacuated their headquarters in Shaddadi under heavy SDF bombardment. “More than 275 ISIS militants were killed and 33 ISIS vehicles were destroyed at the hands of the SDF fighters in the Battle for Shaddadi,” SDF spokesman Talal Silo told ARA News. 

During the offensive, SDF troops also seized control of the Jibisa Gas Facility, located 12 km east of Shaddadi City. ISIS had used the critical refinery to produce more than a million gas cylinders, which were then sold on the black market.

The SDF’s progress came after the SDF cut ISIS’ main supply route in al-Hawl, near Syria’s northeastern border with Iraq. This advance was supported by the U.S.-led coalition, who provided air cover.

Since the campaign concluded, ISIS has been trying to infiltrate into the area, launching mortar and car bomb attacks from bases in Deir ez-Zor Governorate.

Reporting by: Chalak Haji

Source: ARA News

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