Syrian, Russian warplanes bomb Aleppo, over 70 civilians reported dead


Syrians in Aleppo rescue casualties after an airstrike by regime warplanes. File photo

ARA News

ALEPPO The Syrian and Russian air forces launched several airstrikes on Aleppo City, late Saturday. Activists reported that dozens of civilians were killed and wounded.  

The airstrikes struck populated opposition-held neighbourhoods in eastern Aleppo. 

More than 70 civilians were reportedly killed and dozens more wounded in the air raids, which hit the neighbourhoods of Bustan al-Qasr, Ard al-Hamra and Sakhour. 

“The Assad regime and Russia carried out joint airstrikes on the opposition-held eastern part of Aleppo City on Saturday evening. At least seven strikes hit the area, causing the death and injury of dozens,” local media activist Wael Ahmed told ARA News.

The raids also caused massive destruction to residential buildings in the targeted neighbourhoods.

“So far, 72 dead bodies were found, and more than 35 others were seriously wounded,” Saad Issa, a member of the Civil Defence Force in Aleppo said.

“Our rescue teams are still searching for victims under the ruins of the destroyed buildings,” Issa told ARA News.

According to activists and medical teams in Aleppo, the Russian and Syrian airforces used cluster bombs in Saturday’s strikes.

“Most of the victims were children and women. Assad and his Russian allies committed a new massacre against the people of Aleppo today,” rights activist Sulaiman Halwani said.

“They only targeted populated areas and residential buildings, with a clear goal to force the people to evacuate their homes,” Halwani told ARA News. Apparently the international community has given up on saving the remaining people in Aleppo.”   

Reporting by: Sulaiman Muhammad

Source: ARA News


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  1. Jason says:

    Why can’t the US and allies take on Russia, Saudi Arabia and China? This is unacceptable as the world collapses into utter chaos due to these 3 countries run by dictators.

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