Turkish army bombs Kurdish positions in Syria’s Afrin


Kurdish fighters are seen in Afrin of Aleppo province during clashes with al-Nusra Front. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

AFRIN Turkish army forces launched an offensive on Kurdish headquarters in northwestern Syria on Wednesday.

Military sources said that the Turkish army troops hit headquarters of the Kurdish forces of People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Afrin area of Aleppo province with dozens of mortar shells.

“More than 40 mortar shells fired by Turkey’s military forces hit the YPG headquarters in the Jaqla town of Afrin countryside on Tuesday evening,” a spokesman for the YPG told ARA News.

It was not immediately clear whether the Turkish bombardment has caused any casualties in the YPG ranks. 

Ali Battal, member of the Syrian National Democratic Union, told ARA News that the Turkish attacks on the Kurdish positions come as an attempt by Turkey’s authorities to prevent the YPG and allied factions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from continuing their operations against ISIS in Aleppo province. 

“After invading Jarablus city, Turkey tries to cut off the YPG-SDF supply routes in northern Syria and prevent those forces from eliminating ISIS terrorists in Aleppo province,” Battal said. 

This comes just one day after the Kurdish-led SDF launched a new operation against ISIS in the northern countryside of Aleppo and expelled the radical group from a number of towns and villages there. 

Reporting by: Siman Jiwan and Hozan Mamo

Source: ARA News

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2 thoughts on “Turkish army bombs Kurdish positions in Syria’s Afrin”

  1. dutchnational says:

    Turkeys attacks on Afrin should be an incentive for the SDF to continue attacking IS out of Ahres. There they will be out of reach

  2. Leo says:

    YPG = PKK = ISIS = “bloody Terrorist gangs” all the same EXCEPT YPG = Imperialist Puppets!

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