YPG holds Turkey-backed rebels accountable for torturing Kurdish fighters


Two Turkey-backed Sultan Murad Brigade members pictured next to tortured YPG fighters were reportedly captured by the SDF-led Jarabulus Military Council. Photo: Activists

ARA News 

HASAKAH – The leadership of Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) said in a statement on Wednesday that they will hold the rebel groups backed by Turkey accountable for their mistreatment of YPG prisoners. 

The YPG said the four of its fighters were captured by the rebel groups while they were trying to evacuate civilians from war-torn parts of the Jarablus city in northern Syria

Dozens of civilians casualties were reported in Turkish artillery shelling and airstrikes near the border city of Jarablus.

“We promise our people and our fighters, that we will hold these terrorists accountable for their evil deeds against our imprisoned fighters,” the YPG said.

The statement comes after several pictures appeared on social media showing two pro-Turkey rebels captured by the SDF-led Jarabulus Military Council. The same rebels were earlier pictured next to YPG fighters that have been tortured by Turkish-backed groups. 

The YPG spokesperson Redur Xelil said that the groups that tortured the YPG fighters “will have to expect a ‘heavy answer’ by the YPG”.

Two Turkey-backed Sultan Murad Brigade members captured by the SDF-led Jarabulus Military Council. Photo: Activists

The four YPG fighters were reportedly arrested on Monday. 

“Turkish warplanes on August 28 bombed the village of Al-Kusa south of Jarabulus city. As a result, tens of civilians were massacred and an unknown number of local residents were injured,” the Kurdish leadership said. “After the attack, the [SDF-linked] Military Council of Jarabulus whose forces were positioned in the area called for urgent support in order to help evacuating civilians and treating the injured.” 

“Accordingly, a unit of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) – formed of four fighters – tried to reach the noted area as they were ready near Qereqozax bridge. Yet, Turkish army and affiliated militants ambushed the vehicle of that unit and captured four combatants inside,” the YPG said.

After the fighters were captured, they were reportedly paraded on pictures without clothes and exposed to torture in public.

Turkey-backed rebels and the Turkish army captured the town of Jarabulus on 24 August without a fight. Immediately afterwards, clashes started to erupt between US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the pro-Turkey factions. 

On Monday, the SDF-backed Jarabulus Military Council said it would withdraw its fighters to the south of Sajur river, in order to protect civilians.

“After Turkey carried out a massacre in south of Jarabulus and threatened us to target civilian villages again, we decided to withdraw,” the council said.

The YPG leadership reported renewed Turkish artillery shelling and airstrikes that led to the death and injury of scores of civilians in northern Syria.

“Intensified random shelling by Turkish army forces on Monday killed 5 civilians, including 3 children, in Dandania village southern Jarabulus, northern Syria,” the YPG said.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg

Source: ARA News

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