ISIS executes Syrian army soldier, rebel fighter in new brutal video


An image released by ISIS showing the two men before being executed in Homs

ARA News

HOMS – Islamic State (ISIS) extremists on Wednesday executed two Syrian men in central Homs Governorate.

One of the victims was purportedly a Syrian Army soldier while the other was a rebel from the opposition-led Free Syrian Army (FSA).

The Islamic State’s Media Office in Homs released footage showing the two men in orange jumpsuits. Two ISIS militants, acting as executioners, can be seen standing in the background.

ISIS accused both men of fighting against their self-declared Caliphate. The masked militants beheaded one of the men and killed the other using small arms. 

Omar al-Hussein, a local media activist, told ARA News: “Both them of them had been detained by ISIS during separate clashes in Homs countryside.”

According to activists, by executing a Syrian regime soldier and an FSA rebel fighter side-by-side, ISIS sought to communicate the message that it views all of the different Syrian parties as its enemy.  

Reporting by: Sader Keno | Source: ARA News

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