Syrian airstrike hit school in Idlib, killing 15 children


Syrians walking across ruins of destroyed buildings subsequent to an airstrikes by pro-Assad warplanes in Idlib province. File photo

ARA News

Idlib – Syrian warplanes launched on Wednesday several airstrikes on the northwestern Idlib Governorate. One of the strikes hit a primary school in the the village of Hass, causing casualties among school children, eyewitnesses and activists reported.

At least 19 people were killed in Wednesday’s air raids in Idlib suburb, including 15 children.

“The airstrikes directly hit residential buildings and the Hass school, which proves the regime’s intention to kill as many civilians as possible,” media activist Omran Samasra told ARA News.

A doctor in a makeshift hospital in Idlib said they received more than 16 wounded people subsequent to the airstrikes.

“Some of them are in critical condition,” he told ARA News. “The death toll may rise in the next few hours as we suffer a shortage of equipment and staff.”

“We installed this field hospital to treat the wounded, but we don’t have sufficient equipment and medicine to provide the necessary treatment to those heavily wounded,” he added.

According to local source, the Syrian air force launched over ten raids on Idlib on Wednesday.

Reporting by: Helin Saeed | Source: ARA News 


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