Turkish border guards open fire on civilians near Syrian border, casualties reported


Kurdish boy displaced from Kobane carrying a bag. in the background a Turkish border guard is seen. File photo

ARA News

Qamishli – Turkey’s border police on Tuesday opened fire on a number of Syrian civilians near the town of Amude. Activists and eyewitnesses reported that the unfortunate civilians were trying to escape the ongoing war in Syria.

The would-be refugees had reportedly approached the Syrian-Turkish border from the village of Mearik, when they were fired upon in a bid to keep them in Northern Syria – Rojava (NSR). At least one civilian was killed and two more were injured. 

The Kurdish Asayish police, identified the dead man, saying that he was 23-year-old Ali Tamme. “The [wounded] were transferred to Amude Hospital for treatment,” local media activist Shiyar Hassan told ARA News.

“Turkish border guards have violated humanitarian and moral principles and passed all international laws and norms, by killing innocent Syrian civilians, including children,” the Asayish said in a statement. 

Turkey has closed all its border gates with the Kurdish-populated NSR, forcing desperate civilians to seek alternative routes across the border. Dozens of Syrians, mostly Kurds, have been killed by the Turkish border guards over the past two years.

Last May, Human Rights Watch (HRW) called on Turkey to open its borders in order to allow civilians to flee the Syrian Civil War, but so far Turkey has not changed its policies.

“[Turkish] border guards have killed Syrian asylum seekers and pushed others back into the world’s worst war zone,” said Gerry Simpsons, a senior researcher at HRW.

Simpsons called on responsible “Governments and UN agencies [to] end their deafening silence on Turkey’s abuse of Syrian asylum seekers and press Turkey to reopen its border to civilians fleeing the horrors in Syria.”

Reporting by: Ahmed Shiwesh | Source: ARA News 


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