Kurdish fighter rewarded for saving over 70 civilians from Islamic State


Kirkuk Governor Dr. Najmaldin Karim awarding Peshmerga fighter Ako Rahman. Picture: Kirkuk governor's personal website

ARA News

Kirkuk – The Governor of Kirkuk, Doctor Najmaldin Karim, gave an award to a Peshmerga soldier on Tuesday for saving over 70 civilians. The non-combatants were trapped during the Islamic State’s (ISIS) recent attack on Kirkuk.

Accepting the award, Ako Rahman, remained both humble and composed. “What I have done falls under my duty as a Peshmerga fighter. Kirkuk is worth all our sacrifices,” the Kurdish soldier said.

During the award ceremony, Governor Karim extolled the cooperation of the people of Kirkuk people with the security forces. “On behalf of the people of Kirkuk, we thank the [Peshmerga] and we value their sacrifices,” the politician said.

On October 21, ISIS jihadists infiltrated into Kirkuk city, killing civilians and Peshmerga soldiers. The clashes continued for two days, engulfing residential neighborhoods and security buildings.

Ako Rahman, a member of the Peshmerga’s 116th Brigade, saved more than 70 people by driving them out of contested areas.

According to Karim, over 70 ISIS militants died in the attack after they ran into determined resistance. Kurdish Peshmerga forces have since been withdrawn from Nineveh Governorate’s frontlines to reinforce security in Kirkuk.

ISIS supporters in the city of Mosul celebrated the Kirkuk attack, describing it as “a holy victory.”  Experts told ARA News that the raid was meant to delay the Hawija operation, which was initially planned two weeks ago.

In a statement acknowledging Rako’s contributions, Kirkuk’s governor heaped praise onto the city’s residents. Karim said that the “bravery and the sacrifices of our citizens have foiled the dirty plans of ISIS’ terrorist gangs.”

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News 

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