Syrian rebel commander assassinated by ISIS in Daraa


Syrian rebels during clashes against pro-Assad forces in Aleppo. File photo

ARA News

Daraa – A prominent Syrian rebel leader was assassinated by Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists on Monday. Local sources reported that the attack occurred in Daraa Governorate.

“[ISIS] militants assaulted the offices of the rebel commander Abdulnour al-Nassan in Yarmouk,” reported Wissam al-Amir, a spokesman for the Southern Front. “The commander was found dead along with two of his guards.”

Abdulnour al-Nassan, also known as Abu Lina, was the leader of the Hamza al-Naemi Brigade. The rebel brigade fights under the umbrella of the Southern Front, a coalition struggling against both the Syrian Army and ISIS.

It remains unclear, how ISIS militants were able to infiltrate into Yarmouk neighborhood, which is controlled by the Southern Front.

Southern Front rebels responded to the assassination of al-Nassan by assaulting an ISIS compound. Al-Amir told ARA News that two ISIS militants had died “and four others were taken captive.”

ISIS has previously assassinated several Syrian rebel leaders in Daraa Governorate.

In late September, Hassan Abazid, the leader of Jund al-Farouq, was killed along with three of his guards when ISIS detonated a car bomb in Gharz, a suburb of Dara city.

In July, ISIS claimed responsibility for the assassination of Shakir Nabbut al-Rashwani, the commander of Homs al-Waleed.  Rebel fighters confirmed that al-Rashwani had died after militants blew up his car in al-Balad District.

Reporting by: Haytham Mustafa | Source: ARA News


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