Syrian passport becomes the most expensive in the world


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The Syrian Parliament announced amendments of the consular fees to grant or renew passports and travel documents, which makes the Syrian passport the world’s most expensive.

The draft law, released by the Syrian state agency SANA on Sunday, states in its first article that the consular fee to grant or renew passport and travel documents for Syrian citizens will cost $800.

Previously the consulate charged $400 for passport and travel services.

According to a World Atlas ranking in March last year, the cost of issuing a Syrian passport is the most expensive in the world.

The Turkish passport which costs $250 is the second most expensive, followed by the Australian document at around $200, and then Switzerland and Mexico at about $160.

Paradoxically, after six years of war in the country, the Syrian passport has become the weakest in the world, and the countries that allow entry to its holders without a visa are very limited.

According to the classification of Henley & Partners, the Syrian passport was ranked 101st in terms of strength out of 104 passports on the index, followed by passports of Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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