ISIS suspect planned to attack Turkish consulate in Holland with AK-47

ISIS supporters in The Hague, Netherlands. File photo

ARA News

An Islamic State (ISIS) suspect, who was arrested by the Dutch authorities in December, was allegedly planning an attack on the Turkish consulate in the city of Rotterdam, the Dutch media reports.

The suspect, 31-year old Jaouad A., talked with others about this, as shown by evidence of the Dutch intelligence service AIVD.

The evidence was presented this week at a meeting where the trial against the suspect was discussed.

Jaouad A. was arrested in December 2016 following a tip of the Dutch intelligence. During a security raid on his house, the Dutch police found a Kalashnikov with ammunition, large amounts of firework and a painting of an ISIS flag.

Moreover, a manuel was found on the suspect’s computer showing how to make bombs from firework.

In October 2016, the suspect in a conversation with people discussed attacking the Turkish consulate as a target. It’s unclear with who the ISIS suspect spoke, and most likely his voice was recorded by hidden microphones.

According to lawyer Silvis, who reprents the suspect, not much is clear about the recorded conversation.

“A lot of it is not audible, so the context is not clear,” she said.

The court case is expected to continue for three more months.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News

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