Japan-Kurdistan Friendship Association condemns Erdogan policies against Kurds


Ultra-nationalist pro-Erdogan Turkish protesters (R), Kurdish protesters (L). File photo

ARA News

In late April a political delegation of Kurds from Turkey and Syria visited Japan to inform the Japanese about the Kurdish situation. “We invite the Kurdish delegations from different parts of Kurdistan to explain the reality of the Kurdish issue in their area,” Akinobu Kinoshita, Chairman of the Japan-Kurdistan Friendship Association, told ARA News.

Hediya Yousef, co-Chair of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Federal System of Northern Syria, and a member of Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), in late April visited Japan on the invitation of the association.

“Japan doesn’t have many sources of news and direct contacts on the ground and there are no qualified people who can collect and analyze and make reports about what is happening in the Kurdish region,” Kinoshita said in an exclusive interview with ARA News on Wednesday.

“Japanese media only cares about events and they don’t question the reason of events. After Japan lost WWII, the Japanese didn’t pay anymore attention to the happenings around the world.”

“That’s why we invite the Kurdish delegations from the different parts of Kurdistan to explain the reality of the Kurdish issue in their area to the Japanese media, public and government,” the head of Japan-Kurdistan Friendship Association told ARA News.

“As you know Japan is the second donor country to UN after USA. But the Japanese people don’t know how the UN uses this money and they don’t know what the people need in the region [Middle-East]. The Japanese government and media are far from the Kurdish issue,” Kinoshita said.

Furthermore, Kinoshita said that the United States, Russia and the EU want to secure energy routes in the region and secure their interests. “ISIS and terrorism is the main problem for the whole world, and the Kurdish forces in the two countries [Syrian and Iraq] are fighting against this terrorism. But Japan cannot legally support the Kurds in a military way, only a humanitarian way. That’s why Russia and USA must continue to arm the Kurdish forces,” he said.

Furthermore, he called on the US and Russia to stop Turkish violations and attacks against the Kurds in Syria after Turkey killed over 20 YPG fighters in northern Syria in April.

“This is a violation of the international law and regulations. The Erdogan government has internal problems and if anything happens in Turkey they blame the Kurds. The Erdogan government wants to cover its political failures by attacking the Kurds,” he said.

“USA and Russia should stop this, and instead of attacking the Kurds, Turkey should build a good relationship with Rojava [Syrian Kurdistan], like they did with the Kurdistan Regional Government [in Iraqi Kurdistan],” he said.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News

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